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Welcome to the Law Offices of Park & Caporrino. Park & Caporrino is a general practice law firm that has over 20 years of experience in both New Jersey and New York. The experienced lawyers at the law firm of Park & Caporrino, LLP strive to provide quality legal services in the areas of Family Law (including Divorce and Custody Disputes, Domestic Violence and Adoptions,), Bankruptcy, Real Estate (including Landlord/Tenant, Loan Modification, DWI and other Motor Vehicle Offenses, Expungement and Juvenile Delinquency, Civil Litigation and Business Law.

Our staff takes the time to examine all of the details of your legal needs in an effort to provide you with big firm expertise and small firm individual attention.

Park & Caporrino take great pride in our quality of service, decades of experience, attention to detail, and most importantly, we strive to create a family atmosphere for our clients by being attentive and responsive to all of our clients’ needs. The firm’s office, in Leonia, New Jersey, is located just minutes from Rte. 80, Rte. 4, the New Jersey Turnpike and the George Washington Bridge. Please call us today and schedule your consultation today.

New Jersey: 130 Fort Lee Road, Leonia, NJ.  Tel: (201) 242-9666 (Andrew/Jill Park) — (201) 592-7767 (James Caporrino)

New York: 307 5th Avenue, 4th Floor, New York, NY.  Tel:  (212) 696-9494

Areas of Practice

  • Cannot locate my spouse, can I still file for divorce? April 12, 2018 by Andrew Park -   Cannot locate my spouse while filing for divorce? Can I still file for divorce while lost touch with my spouse? The answer is absolutely yes. The law maker has designed a specific process for serving a missing spouse. Even though the process may take a little longer. When it comes to divorce, many people .... Read More
  • Prenuptial Agreement, do you need one? April 12, 2018 by Andrew Park - An opinion about Prenuptial Agreement from an experienced family attorney  Prenuptial Agreement, do you need one? Many of my clients would ask me that whether it is necessary to get one from an divorce attorney’s perspective. Before I state my personal opinions, I just want to share with you that based on a national survey, .... Read More
  • Dividing Marital Wealth and Assets in New Jersey July 25, 2017 by Andrew Park - There are two types of marital asset distribution in the United States: 1. Equitable Distribution, 2. Community Property Distribution. New Jersey applies the Equitable Distribution law. This means that rather than splitting all marital assets 50-50, the courts look at the level of contribution each individual has put into obtaining the marital assets. New Jersey .... Read More
  • A New Law Awards Attorney Fees to New Jersey Residential Tenants July 25, 2017 by James A. Caporrino - With a stated purpose of ensuring parity between landlords and tenants, a New Jersey law requires that when the lease gives the landlord a right to recover fees and expenses, a parallel implied covenant giving the same right to the tenant is to be read into the lease. 1. No fees allowed if no meritorious .... Read More
  • Introduction to Chapter 7 Bankruptcy July 20, 2017 by Andrew Park - You should file for chapter 7 bankruptcy when you are no longer able to meeting your financial responsibilities and require a fresh start. Bankruptcy is governed by Title 11 of United States Code, a federal law, and the process does not vary widely from state to state. Bankruptcies are generally described as either liquidation or .... Read More
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