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Jill SunJung Park

About Jill

Jill SunJung Park律师于 1993年毕业于纽约耶什华大学本杰明法学院 ,获得法学博士学位。 Jill SunJung Park律师拥有在纽约州、新泽西州以及新泽西联邦法院,纽约东区联邦法院、纽约南区联邦法院的执业资格。 Jill SunJung Park律师在家事法、破财法、房地产法以及商业法领域执业超过18年,拥有丰富的法律知识和实践经验。同时,Jill SunJung Park律师还非常关心社区活动:她是美国韩裔家事法咨询中心的法律顾问,经常为社区提供免费的法律知识普及讲座。

James A. Caporrino

About James

James A. Caporrino, partner, received a Juris Doctor degree, cum laude, from Seton Hall Law School in 1989. Mr. Caporrino is admitted to practice law before the Courts of the State of New Jersey, the Federal District Court for the District of New Jersey and the United States Supreme Court. Mr. Caporrino concentrates his practice in the areas of residential and commercial real estate law (including landlord/tenant), civil litigation and family law (including divorce, custody disputes and domestic violence matters) on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants. Mr. Caporrino has earned a peer review rating of BV® from Martindale-Hubbell for his high ethical standards and legal ability. This rating reflects the confidential opinions of members of the Bar and the Judiciary and attests to a lawyer’s legal ability and adherence to professional standards of ethics. Mr. Caporrino offers a free initial consultation on selected matters. Mr. Caporrino is a member of the American Bar Association, the Bergen County Bar Association and the Family Law and Civil Trial Bar sections of the New Jersey State Bar Association.

Ted Minsung Park

About Ted

Mr. Ted Park 自1996年加入律所,就与律师一起,深度参与了各类案子的办理。通过20多年的执业,他对客户的需求有着深刻的了解,在他的引导下,客户能够更有效地了解自己所面临的问题和相关的法律规定,从而做出最有利最有效率的决定。在加入律所前, Mr. Ted Park 是拥有自己的公司,曾多次参与创业。另外,他拥有来自于圣特约翰大学的会计学位。在他20年的法律职业生涯中, 他帮助了数以百计的破财客户保住了他们的住所和公司。 Mr. Ted Park 的知识,经验以及专业素养是安朴联合律师事务所的宝贵的资源。

Andrew Park

About Andrew

Mr. Andrew Park 拥有来自于老牌名校伊利诺伊州立大学香槟分校的法律博士学位。由于出色的背景和履历, Mr. Andrew Park 还获得了长达3年、高达总学费75%荣誉奖学金。在就读于法学院之前,他就读于罗格斯大学,攻读双学位,主修经济学和哲学,另外他还辅修了政治学。

法学院毕业之后,他顺利地通过了纽约州以及新泽西州的法律资格考试。目前,朴律师 拥有在纽约州、新泽西州以及新泽西联邦法院的执业资格。毕业后,朴律师在 Kim, Cho & Lim, LLC工作,参与了家庭法、民事诉讼以及商业诉讼领域的法律工作,累积了宝贵的诉讼经验。之后,朴律师受聘与P&M律所,专精于联邦产品侵权诉讼以及保险公司方辩护诉讼。


Areas of Practice

  • Cannot locate my spouse, can I still file for divorce? April 12, 2018 by Andrew Park -   Cannot locate my spouse while filing for divorce? Can I still file for divorce while lost touch with my spouse? The answer is absolutely yes. The law maker has designed a specific process for serving a missing spouse. Even though the process may take a little longer. When it comes to divorce, many people .... Read More
  • Prenuptial Agreement, do you need one? April 12, 2018 by Andrew Park - An opinion about Prenuptial Agreement from an experienced family attorney  Prenuptial Agreement, do you need one? Many of my clients would ask me that whether it is necessary to get one from an divorce attorney’s perspective. Before I state my personal opinions, I just want to share with you that based on a national survey, .... Read More
  • Dividing Marital Wealth and Assets in New Jersey July 25, 2017 by Andrew Park - There are two types of marital asset distribution in the United States: 1. Equitable Distribution, 2. Community Property Distribution. New Jersey applies the Equitable Distribution law. This means that rather than splitting all marital assets 50-50, the courts look at the level of contribution each individual has put into obtaining the marital assets. New Jersey .... Read More
  • A New Law Awards Attorney Fees to New Jersey Residential Tenants July 25, 2017 by James A. Caporrino - With a stated purpose of ensuring parity between landlords and tenants, a New Jersey law requires that when the lease gives the landlord a right to recover fees and expenses, a parallel implied covenant giving the same right to the tenant is to be read into the lease. 1. No fees allowed if no meritorious .... Read More
  • Introduction to Chapter 7 Bankruptcy July 20, 2017 by Andrew Park - You should file for chapter 7 bankruptcy when you are no longer able to meeting your financial responsibilities and require a fresh start. Bankruptcy is governed by Title 11 of United States Code, a federal law, and the process does not vary widely from state to state. Bankruptcies are generally described as either liquidation or .... Read More
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