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A New Law Awards Attorney Fees to New Jersey Residential Tenants

A New Law Awards Attorney Fees to New Jersey Residential Tenants

A New Law Awards Attorney Fees to New Jersey Residential Tenants

DWI/DUI – Driving While Intoxicated & Refusal to Submit to a Blood-Alcohol Test

DWI and DUI connotes the same charge, and the attorneys of Park & Caporrino have helped countless numbers of clients resolve their DWI charges in New Jersey and New York. DWI, or driving while intoxicated, refers to operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or any controlled or chemical substance that impairs mental faculties. In order to be guilty of DWI, one’s blood alcohol or drug levels must be above the legal limit, which differs by state, but the results of a breathalyzer test is not always required to obtain a conviction; a qualified police officer’s observations of the defendant and/or results of the Field Sobriety Test is enough to convict a person of DWI. Just as maximum blood alcohol concentration levels vary from state to state, penalties for DWI differ nationwide. Fines and sentences depend on driving history, the blood alcohol concentration level, circumstances surrounding the DWI arrest and other factors. If arrested for a DWI, it is wise to contact us immediately to better explain state laws and legal options.

DWI and Refusal charges carry serious consequences for those charged, including: thousands of dollars in fines, long suspension of driver’s license, and possible jail sentences, mandatory community service and immigration implications. DWI or Refusal charges are not something a layman should attempt to work through on their own, and we strongly advise anyone charged to seek our counsel today.


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