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Family Law


A New Law Awards Attorney Fees to New Jersey Residential Tenants

A New Law Awards Attorney Fees to New Jersey Residential Tenants

A New Law Awards Attorney Fees to New Jersey Residential Tenants

Our family law attorneys have provided quality legal services in all areas of family law for more than 20 years:

  • Alimony/Separate Maintenance
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Child support
  • Child support modification and enforcement
  • Divorce
  • Juvenile delinquency and dependency proceedings
  • Mediation and arbitration
  • Pre-nuptial, post-nuptial and mid-marriage agreements
  • Complex asset valuation cases

Divorce is a costly experience – economically and emotionally – for most people, and the experienced attorneys of Park & Caporrino know that clients going through a divorce require sensitive and careful attention to their case. Handling a divorce requires much more than legal knowledge. Having handled countless divorce cases, the attorneys of Park & Caporrino know that dissolving a life-partnership involves all facets of life; and the issues may range from financial (dividing assets and establishing spousal and child support) to personal (establishing a plan for custody and visitation of children). We pay keen attention to all possible issues, and communicate with our clients often to find the best arrangement for their personal needs.

Alimony. Divorce should not lead to a financial crisis. Park & Caporrino will help you establish an equitable amount of spousal support.
Child custody and visitation. Our divorce attorneys protect your parental rights to raise your children in an appropriate and supportive home.
Child support. Our attorneys can ensure that you receive or pay an equitable amount of the financial support required to raise your children in a healthy, happy environment.
Child support modification and enforcement. Child support payments do not change unless the court modifies the child support order. If either the custodial or noncustodial parent experiences a significant change in circumstances, our attorneys can guide you through the proper legal procedures to modify your child support payments accordingly.
Equitable distribution. Through mediation, arbitration or litigation, our attorneys can help you gain the most equitable results from your divorce by way of a fair distribution of assets including the marital home.
Juvenile delinquency and dependency proceedings Park & Caporrino. is skilled at maneuvering through the complex laws of New Jersey to protect your parental rights from the interference of government authorities.
Mediation. Mediation puts the decisions in your hands, and can often provide more expedient, predictable results than a trial. The skilled negotiators at Park & Caporrino can help you obtain the most equitable divorce settlement.
Pre-nuptial, post-nuptial and mid-marriage agreements. The lawyers at Park & Caporrino know to expect the unexpected and draft premarital agreements that protect both spouses’ interests and that can alleviate some of the stress should you ever divorce.


Charges of domestic violence, such as assault and battery and harassment carry serious consequences. Depending on the circumstances, one may also be charged with a criminal offense. In addition, a temporary restraining order (called a TRO) and a final restraining order (FRO) may be issued, forcing one to leave their residence and prohibiting any type of contact with the alleged victim and even one’s children. Domestic violence refers to offenses committed against a spouse, former spouse, those with a dating relationship, a household member and even roommates. The penalties one may face as a consequence of domestic violence charges include court-ordered anger management, child and spousal support, supervised visitation of children, monetary damages, reporting and registration requirements and counseling.


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